Enjoy a Frosty Mango Cocktail

Kanagae Estate

In 2003 we moved from the hills of Perth to Broome and Kanagae Estate was established.  Our wine is made from the juicy Kensington Pride mangoes.   One and a half kilos of mango produce a 375ml bottle of wine.

We call it "sunshine in a bottle".

We are constantly developing new recipes for our wine and over the past 6 years have developed a wide range of wines to suit the diverse taste of wine and port lovers. This season brings our new Tropical Pearl wine infused with ginger!

As versatile as any wine, a pre-dinner drink with nibbles and an excellent addition to a meal of fish or chicken. Our mango wines are a superb accompaniment to any fragrant curry.

A healthy free pour of our Mango Liqueur over icecream, makes for a delicious treat.

Enjoy the unique taste of a Kimberley Mango Wine

Join us for a refreshing Mango Cocktail in the shady gardens of The Mango Place.

A basket of mango wines for any occasion